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Here's the Story How:

A Desperate Virgin Destined To Stay Single Forever Turned His Life Around And Became A Badass With Women

WARNING: This special report includes stories of betrayal, defeat, existential crisis, and an epic journey to redemption.

I still remember that one fateful night many years back…

coming home from yet another pointless party…

reeking of booze and failure…

crying my eyes out about what a loser I was…

and how I would stay single forever!

That’s because she went home with my best friend!

And even though I should have been used to it, it was different this time!

This time it was the one girl who I thought cared about me!

The one girl who was always nice to me!

The girl who was supposed to be The One!

I felt crushed! Betrayed!

Not only did my best friend screw me over, but her…

I thought that she would be different…

That she would choose me, the nice, quiet, super friendly guy!

I mean, my friend was like a brother to me, but he always had this reputation of being a player… and I hated him for that! Not because of what he did, but because I couldn’t be like him!

But her…

I thought she would be different from all the other girls…

I thought she would resist his charm and become my girl!

So I just sat there, crying in my room, contemplating my love life… about how much it sucked and how happy I would be to have just one girl who would love me. How I would treat her right and make her the happiest woman alive… if only I got the chance!

Maybe you can relate to this story?

Maybe you’re the one watching on the sidelines while all the other guys take girls home all the time?

Or maybe you were in a similar situation where a girl you thought was special, viciously broke your heart?

No matter the case, I bet I’m right about one thing:

You’re not too happy about it!

In fact, you’re probably pissed off!

Even if your situation is vastly different from mine…

Even if you’re already moderately successful with women…

You know that there’s something missing!

And you’re angry because you want to do something about it… but you just don’t know what!

However, there’s one thing you know too damn well:

The things you’re doing right now are not working!

And you want to change that!

Because you want to take charge of your love life!

Because you want to have amazing sex with women of your choosing!

Because you want more and know that you deserve more!

This is where I can help you!

My name is John Howkins and as you can tell from the story above, I used to be terrible with women! Now, however, I’m known as the go-to dating coach when it comes to attracting women naturally. And I teach this to guys all over the world!

I’ve been in the game for more than ten years and have been teaching guys for the past seven. So trust me when I say this: if you want to get good with women, I’m the guy who is going to help you!

And as you continue reading my story, you will learn exactly how I did it – how I turned my life around.

But what’s even more important: I’m going to reveal to you how you can do it too!

How you can avoid a life of misery and mediocrity…

How you can put yourself up there, among the top 1% of guys who have sexual choice…

And if you take it seriously, I’m going to make sure that you stay there!

So let’s continue!

Why Are Some Men So Much Better With Women Than Others?

This question was running through my head as I sat alone in my room, bawling my eyes out.

I mean, why was my friend so successful, dating one girl after the other… while I couldn’t even find a girlfriend to save my life?

And before you ask – no, he wasn’t rich or handsome!

We were both poor, but with the difference that he had girls and I didn’t!

And as a matter of fact, I was better looking than him!

But this didn’t seem to matter… Because whenever we met girls, they wanted to get to know him! (Want to know when my looks finally came into play? It was after becoming successful with women. Only then did I “suddenly” become hot to them!)

So what did he, or to be more precise, guys like him had, that I didn’t?

Well… Let’s just cut to the chase:

They all considered themselves the best and there was no one who could tell them otherwise – the way they walked, talked, and behaved… It all boiled down to one thing, and one thing only: their…


Because these guys had the mindset that made them irresistibly attractive to women, everything else was pretty much irrelevant!

And as I slowly started to figure this out, I noticed something else:

I was not alone!

There were more guys like me… failing with women… because they had the wrong mindset!

In fact, I discovered that the average man lacks the kind of mindset that makes him naturally attractive to women.

Whenever he meets a hot girl, he instinctively puts her above himself – he inflates her value. So when he looks at her, he sees someone perfect! Someone unreachable! Someone, who wouldn’t be interested in him because he is not worthy of her!

This is why he never dares to seduce her, or if he actually tries, does it by upping his own value “artificially,” just so he can earn her affection.

That’s why you see him doing stupid shit like:

Attract Women By Thinking Differently…

If you are serious about dating multiple women or even just finding your dream girl, you have to start thinking differently than 95% of the male population!

And it all starts with your mindset!

Change your mindset and you will:

Think differently!

Feel differently!

Behave differently!

You will be different!

This also perfectly explains why I was so terrible with women… and my buddy was unstoppable!

They never wanted me because I doubted myself and felt I wasn’t good enough for hot girls! Seriously, what kind of girl wants a guy with an inferiority complex?

My friend, however, was convinced that he was hot shit, so he behaved accordingly! He didn’t chase their approval nor did he put them above himself! As a result, he treated them differently from me… He treated girls how they wanted to be treated!

Even though we were equals in many aspects, we were miles apart when it came to women!

Because here’s the truth about attracting women:

Girls look at your behavior to assess what kind of man you are! So, when a beautiful girl – who is surrounded by guys trying to earn her affection – meets a man who knows his own worth and has the balls to show it, she cannot but feel attracted to him!

So, if you really want to change how women react to you? Then fix your mindset!

But here’s the million-dollar question:

How Do You Do That?

Or better yet…

How Do You Acquire the Mindset That Turns You Into Someone Who Attracts Women?

Well… You basically have two options:

1. You do what I did and spend years trying to figure this shit out. Hoping that somewhere along the line you either find the solution on your own or stumble onto something that will help you (that’s what happened to me).

2. You let someone help you.

Now, if you decide in favor of the first option (or don’t decide at all), there’s really no point for you to continue reading this. In this case, I wish you all the best and hope that you don’t waste your time as I did.

But you already know that this is not why you’re here! You’re here because you want things to change! You want to revolutionize your dating life! That’s why now is the perfect time for me to introduce to you a program called…

“Wait! Hold on… an alpha male? Aren’t alphas supposed to be assholes?”

Not at all! An alpha male isn’t some try-hard who’s a dick to people just because he can; or because he’s compensating for something. Neither is he someone who mistreats or abuses women!

In fact, he treats women better than any other guy! Not because he fills their every wish, but because he gives them exactly what they secretly desire!

Here’s the thing… an alpha male can be anyone! From a battle-hardened marine to a garbage man.

What makes him stand out from everybody else is his mindset. A mindset that gives him the freedom to be whoever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do!

While he is never going to treat people badly just because he can’t cope with his own reality, he will also never let anybody tell him what he can or cannot do!

And this is the basic premise my course is built on:

To help you to adopt the mindset of a true alpha!

Not some wannabe who acts tough only because he thinks he is better than everyone else.

"But John, How Do You Know You Can Help Me?"

I have to confess something: when describing my situation to you before, I left some things out!

You see, not only did I suck with women, but I also had terrible social anxiety. It was so bad, that I struggled with talking to strangers and even the mere thought of being alone in a crowd of people scared the shit out of me. On top of that, I was plagued with irrational fears – fears so absurd and stupid, that I can’t even bring myself to write about them here. And of course, I was incredibly desperate and had no confidence to speak of!

In short, I was a complete mess!

But here’s the thing: I still managed to do it, to changed my life!

So, if you think that you wouldn’t be able to do what I did, my answer to that would be: BULLSHIT!

Because you know what? Even though I don’t know you personally, I know one thing about you:

You’re an action taker!

That’s why you’re here, reading this! You want to change and are here because you’re looking for a solution! You’re already miles ahead of the guy I used to be!

So if a mess like me could do it, so can you!

Now, I won’t bore you with all the details about how I changed my life, but I want to tell you that I went from a guy with a defeatist attitude and a fucked-up mindset to someone who never quits.

I toughened up and got my shit together! And as a result, my success with women skyrocketed!

To date, my mindset (and life) has changed dramatically and I’ve achieved things I could only have dreamed about all these years ago:

I’ve dated and slept with countless beautiful, amazing women and had them chasing me. I went from a guy no girl wanted to someone who has to say “NO” to girls!

I’m at the point in my life where I can actually choose which woman I want to turn into a girlfriend. This is due to the fact that I know (not believe) that I can make any woman happy, not by doing things for her, but by being the kind of man she wants as a long-term partner.

I know that any woman who ends up in a relationship with me can consider herself lucky!

But maybe my proudest achievement is getting over my anxieties and negative mindset!

Today, I’m not worried about ending up alone anymore!

The things that used to haunt me in the past – like neediness, desperation, and inadequacy – now stay in the past.

I am a completely different person!

And now, after being in the game for more than 10 years… constantly learning and improving myself… I have decided to share my knowledge with the world! With You!

That’s why I created this course for guys like you, so you can go through the same mindset transformation as I did, only with the difference that you’re not wasting years like I did but reap the benefits much sooner!

So… What can you expect from Rules of the Alpha Male?

As soon as you join this program, you’ll get immediate access to the exclusive member’s area!

There you’ll find the e-book Rules of the Alpha Male with many additional content and bonuses (more about them below).

The course itself is built with one specific goal in mind: to provide you with the alpha male mentality that will turn you into a more confident version of yourself – into someone who attracts women naturally!

And it doesn’t even matter what your goals are! Whether you intend to seduce girls, already date them, or are in a committed relationship with one. If you want to see positive changes in these areas of your life, then this course is for you!

But Rules of the Alpha Male also goes beyond just success with women! It focuses on improving your inner-self by turning you into someone who has the mental fortitude to become someone who you always wanted to be! It gives you the freedom to actually feel good in your own body, without worrying about the judgment of others!

If you follow the advice in this course to the letter, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to see dramatic changes in your life!

But let’s look at some of the things you’re going to learn…

This is What Rules of the Alpha Male Will Teach You…

How one simple shift in your mindset can make you instantly more attractive!

Why getting rejected by women isn’t that bad… and why thinking this will actually get you rejected less!

How you are already a fucking badass, even though you might not know or believe it yourself!

What my friend Tim can teach you about attracting women, and how this is going to change the way you approach them!

This one mistake Nice Guys always make, that will never land them a date… or get them laid!

What you can learn about the role of dominance in a relationship from a story that involves an expensive apartment with useless furniture.

Why getting dumped by your ex is probably one of the best things that happened to you.

An important lesson you can learn from a math prodigy that will help you to get laid!

I’m just getting started…

Why being “selfish” is something you should aspire to if you want success with women!

Why giving up will actually help you to get laid more!

Why you probably should never listen to your mom… or anyone else for that matter!

Why the embarrassing thing that happened to you in front of a girl, isn’t actually that bad!

How you can make her scream in bed just by using this one simple psychological trick!

Why you should stop giving a fuck about… well… anything!

Why getting punched in the face can make you better with women.

Why “just be yourself” is probably the best dating advice you have ever heard!

Why saying stupid, incoherent shit to women can be infinitely better than an intellectual conversation!

Want more? Then read on…

How being the biggest nerd around will actually help you to get more women!

An important life lesson you will learn from my thirty-year-old female friend who is looking for a man!

Why being okay with losing some women will get you more women!

Learn a psychological trick that will help you to connect with women and avoid confrontations!

How to get people to do what you want, without imposing yourself on them… and why this is the key to a healthy relationship!

How learning that you’re not that special can be one of the most liberating things that can happen to you!

How not trying to attract women will attract more women into your life!

The one thing you absolutely have to avoid doing, if you’re a logical person and want to attract women!

How to compete with wealthy guys over the same women… and actually win!

Want to start taking action? Here are more reasons to do it…

How being honest with a girl will get you laid… Yes, even if you tell her that you want to sleep with her!

How not spending any money on the first date improves the chances of it actually going well!

Some things you shouldn’t say to a woman you just met if you want to hear from her again!

Why someone "stealing" the girl you like can actually be a good thing!

Why being polite to women can make you look like an asshole!

How to turn being called a "fuckboy" into a positive thing!

Why not caring about hot girls will get you hot girls!

Why not caring about sex will get you to have more of it!

Okay, enough! Wait, just a couple of more things you should know about…

How the drinking game “Never Have I Ever” will reveal to you why most men never succeed with women… and how you can be different!

The one thing you probably don’t do enough in your interactions with women and why this will immediately put you in the friend zone!

How society has made you into its bitch, and how you can actually take control back into your own hands… and how this helps you to attract women!

Learn about the "invisible force" that will either repulse women… or make them irresistibly attracted to you!

The one life lesson from the TV series "Scrubs" that will change how you look at people… and how this applies to your success in seduction!

Learn from my drunken adventure where I accidentally seduced a girl… and how you can do it too (without actually having to get drunk)!

Why trying to become an alpha male is the last thing you should do… even though it’s exactly what you should do! But you really shouldn’t…

How one simple technique will help you to approach any girl, how to make your own path in life and how this is going to help you to get a loyal girlfriend… and more… much, much more…

Before launching this program, I sent the main book, Rules of the Alpha Male, to a handful of my regular readers. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“The first thing I immediately noticed about John’s book is how well the format was. Very clean, good table of contents, well-written, and broke up each section well (no long tedious chapters or parts)… John really knows his stuff not just in regards to getting women, but how to succeed in “life as a whole.” Don’t hesitate to buy a copy of his book, you will not be disappointed!”
– Eric, 26, New York City, USA
“This book is a super charged summarization of how to capture the essence of what it truly means to be, not just an alpha, but the purest form of masculine energy. A culmination of the best points of Way of the Superior Man, Models, The Game, and Think and Grow Rich. If the average male has any desire of reaching his masculine potential, with both women and in life, he needs to look no further than this book and his own will to take action to get started on the journey.”
– Joey, 23, Connecticut, USA
“Insightful, helpful, straight to the point, on point. Loved it. I think most guys have genuinely good hearts, but are too much of a pushover. This book will help men become a man. I have a gorgeous girlfriend that if i didn’t learn how to adopt the alpha male mentality, she never would have dated me. We are very happy in a loving relationship.”
– Anthony, 29, Burbank, CA
“This is a very helpful book for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an expert it tells you all the traits that an alpha male has and shows you how to improve those traits when it comes to women and in general, it reminded me of a few things that I have forgotten and a few things I still have to work on. I recommend this book for everyone looking to improve themselves and want to become the best possible version of themselves.”
– Ashwell, 18, Cape Town, South Africa
“Very precise and straight forward. I especially liked [the part] about shifting your mindset.”
– Hyo Hoon Kim, 43, Los Angeles, USA
“This manifesto is chalked full of great advice, for someone seeking self improvement. Although geared towards interacting with the fairer sex, one will find teachings concerning personal & peer development. This is due to a simple fact – if you as a man want to live a full and balanced life, you will have to endeavor in all 3 said areas.”
– Moe, 42, Fairborn, USA
“It was very informative and got me pumped up! I read a lot of books especially self help, and each rule was well defined and written in an inspiring way… your book is one of the most thorough and provides a good explanation of what a authentic alpha male is…”
– Rich, 40, Newport Beach, USA

But let’s take a look at the other materials that are included in Rules of the Alpha Male!

I wrote two additional books that will make your transformation even faster and efficient!

If you decide to get my program today, you’ll also get:

The Single Life Bible

The Single Life Bible was written with one specific goal in mind: to provide you with the necessary tool-set to get women. It’s meant to turn you into someone who takes action immediately without hesitation! Someone who approaches women and gets results!

This book adds a lot of value to this program because it takes you step-by-step through all the necessary stages – from meeting a woman to sleeping with her. Learn how to eliminate your approach anxiety, the nagging thoughts in your head that tell you not to approach women, and get rid of the dreaded “what to do next” situations.

With The Single Life Bible you’ve got everything you ever needed to take your single life to the next level!

The Alpha Relationships

Ever wanted to know what makes an alpha male so successful in his relationships? Well, this bonus will reveal it to you! Not only that, it will actually teach you how you can implement it into your relationship!

Enjoy a long and harmonious relationship with a woman who never feels the need to nag or belittle you. Become someone she looks up to and admires – someone, she can’t stop but brag about to all her girlfriends! Never worry about her leaving simply because she’s just too damn happy with you!

The Alpha Relationships can help you to revive a stagnant relationship or build a new, strong and lasting one!

Want more?

You got it!

In addition to these two books, you’ll also get the following bonuses:

Self-Confidence Transformation

When it comes to attraction, confidence is one of the key elements that will determine how successful you’re going to be. It will change the way you approach different situations and how people are going to react to you.

This book can help you to become an action taker – someone who won’t let fear hold him back. Overcome your social anxiety and become a man who doesn’t shy away from challenges!

Become confident and change your life!

Be Yourself Seduction

Ever heard of the “just be yourself” dating advice? No matter what you might think of it, there’s actually some truth to it.

This book will turn you into an authentic man. A man who feels no need to hide who he really is! Someone who has the courage to just be himself and still attract women!

Learn to be yourself and still get women! Stop pretending to be someone else so you can get laid! It just doesn’t work! Drop the act and be yourself, and you’ll see how effective it actually is!

Get Her Back

So you lost her and there’s no way to get her back! Or maybe there is? There still could be something you could do… something that would change her mind and convince her that leaving you was the biggest mistake of her life!

If you’re determined to get her back, then this little guide will teach you how to do that. Get your ex-girlfriend back and make her want to stay for good this time!

Still not enough?

Fine, on top of your bonuses…

you will get…

Free Lifetime Updates to every future release/update of the program.

This means: whenever I add something new to the member’s area, you’ll get it for free!

FYI: At the moment, Rules of the Alpha Male is in its second version. And I’m already planning on putting a 3 on the cover! With the feedback from my readers, I improved it to what it is right now (it almost doubled in length). What this means for you is that if you have further questions or want me to expand on something, I’ll do it and include it in the third version! And you’ll get a copy for absolutely free!

Please don’t underestimate how powerful this bonus is!

I won’t just abandon you after you have bought my course!

Rules of the Alpha Male is constantly evolving and it’s going to be growing alongside you! This means that you have the power to request changes to it if you struggle with something and can’t find it in this course!

All you have to do is to let me know what your sticking points are and I’ll include it in the next version! (Obviously, you will get the advice sooner, and later the updated version of the program!)

This is something no other dating coach is willing to do!

You know what?

One more…


Get this program right now, and I’ll throw in more free stuff!

You will get two Secret Bonuses with your purchase:

Screw it, last one…

for a very, very limited time only…

Because I really want you to succeed, I’m going to create an exclusive, for members only, contact form. This means that you can always turn to me with questions and/or other concerns you might have, and I’ll help you out!

This is something you really won’t see anywhere else! Most dating gurus ask hundreds if not thousands for this… But fuck it, you’ll get it for free because I want you to experience the same transformation I had!

I’m not joking… this one REALLY is extremely limited! At some point, I’m going to have to remove it from this page (and the member’s area) simply because it’s impossible for me to help every single guy who contacts me! But for now, there are still some spots left. Don’t miss out and hurry!

Maybe you’re wondering now how much this course is worth…

Well, I could easily ask $300 for it.

Rules of the Alpha Male with all the bonuses is well worth over $350.

Even my readers suggested not to dip the prize below $79… and I’m only talking about the main book here…

But you know what?

Screw it!

I’m going to make you an exclusive, limited-time offer!

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Oh, and if you still have doubts… let me set your mind at ease!

Membership Includes:

Rules of the Alpha Male (Valued at $79.00)
The Single Life Bible (Valued at $49.00)
The Alpha Relationships (Valued at $39.00)
Self-Confidence Transformation (Valued at $39.00)
Be Yourself Seduction (Valued at $29.00)
Get Her Back (Valued at $19.00)
Two Secret Bonuses (Valued at $68.00)
Free Lifetime Updates (PRICELESS Value)
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