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Discover The Secret That Will Revolutionize Your Dating Life!

Something You Can’t Ignore If You Truly Want Success With Women!

Picture of an attractive womanI still remember that one fateful night many years back… coming home from yet another party… reeking of booze and failure… crying my eyes out about what a loser I was… and how I would stay single forever!

 How all the girls I wanted always went home with other men, often even my own friends!
 How women just weren’t interested in me, no matter what I did!
 How I was basically invisible to the opposite sex!

While this moment has now become a distant memory of mine, it serves as a great reminder of how far I have actually come!

Hey, I’m John. I teach guys all over the world how to become successful with women… and if you feel even remotely similar to how I was feeling back then, or just want to become someone who attracts women naturally, I’ve got something for you that is going to change your life!

But before we can get to that, it’s important that we go back to the lowest point of my dating life (the one mentioned above) and figure out the reason for my failures with women…

I still remember that one fateful night many years back… coming home from yet another party… reeking of booze and failure… crying my eyes out about what a loser I was… and how I would stay single forever!

 How all the girls I wanted always went home with other men, often even my own friends!
 How women just weren’t interested in me, no matter what I did!
 How I was basically invisible to the opposite sex!

While this moment has now become a distant memory of mine, it serves as a great reminder of how far I have actually come!

Hey, I’m John. I teach guys all over the world how to become successful with women… and if you feel even remotely similar to how I was feeling back then, or just want to become someone who attracts women naturally, I’ve got something for you that is going to change your life!

But before we can get to that, it’s important that we go back to the lowest point of my dating life (the one mentioned above) and figure out the reason for my failures with women…Picture of an attractive woman

You know, when you’re at your lowest point, you’ve got basically two options left:
1. You either do something about your situation.
2. Or you just accept it.

While you’re probably thinking right now that this was the wake-up call I needed, the turning point in my life that forced me to get my shit together and do something… it wasn’t. In fact, it was exactly the opposite!

It was the point in my life where I decided to give up and go with the second option!

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I knew the first even existed. For me, it just felt like there was nothing I could have done that would have changed my situation with women. I felt hopeless and there was no way out of it.

So I didn’t even try… I gave up and accepted my fate!

I just sat there, crying in my room, contemplating my love life… about how much it sucked and how happy I would be to just have one girl who would love me. How I would treat her right and make her the happiest girl alive… if only I had the chance!

But what was wrong with me? Why was I so bad with women?

While there are probably a lot of guys who could come up with various reasons for my failure, most would probably never get past the major three: looks, money, age… and they all would be wrong!

My failure had nothing to do with these things:

 I saw girls going home with men almost twice my age! And even younger guys went out with girls I wanted to date.
 Many of these guys didn’t even have a penny to their name but still managed to date the hottest girls!
 And what’s worse, I was better looking than most of them! Almost all of these guys were average looking, a few of them even below that. But girls still chose them over me!

No, my problem wasn’t the usual excuses some men make when they have no success with women. It went way deeper than that!

And even worse… it took me years to finally figure out what my problem was!

By now you’re probably eager to know what all these guys had that I didn’t, right?

Well, let’s just cut to the chase:

The one thing all of these guys had in common… the one thing I lacked… the one thing made all the difference in the world was their…


All these guys had one thing in common: they considered themselves the best. They all had a very high opinion of themselves and there was no one who could tell them otherwise – something that made them incredibly attractive to women…

…something I lacked!

And as the years went by and I slowly started to figure this out, I also noticed something else: I wasn’t alone! There were more guys just like me struggling with women because they had the wrong mindset! In fact, I discovered that the average man lacks the mindset that attracts women naturally. To him, attraction just happens… either by luck or accident where he sometimes just happens to display attractive qualities at the right moment!

You see, when most men meet a woman they want to date, they instinctively put her above themselves – they inflate her value. So when they look at a pretty girl, they see someone perfect! Someone, who would never be interested in them because they’re not worthy of her.

That’s why most of them don’t even bother with seducing a beautiful woman – she’s way “out of their league” so there’s really no point in trying!

Even the guy who actually tries to “rise to her level,” does it by upping his own value artificially, just so he can earn her affection.

That’s why you see him doing stupid stuff like:

 Telling women how much money he has… only to get immediately rejected!
 Buying a girl drinks at the bar… only to see her take them and walk off!
 Lavishing a woman with expensive gifts… only to never hear from her again!
 Being as nice as possible to a woman… only to be met by a look of disdain!
 Even going so far as to always being there for a girl… only to see her going out with other men!

But these things don’t work! And they never will!

You can NOT convince a woman to want you! That’s not how attraction works!

So no amount of doing things for her or being there for her will change her mind about you. More likely, it will actually push her further away because she knows why you’re doing it!

The only way to attract women and keep them interested in you is to be not do!

“What the hell does this mean?”

It means, having the mindset and attitude that attracts them naturally.

It means being a badass who gets women just by being yourself, not by pretending to be someone else and trying to win them over with nice deeds!

This is exactly what makes some men more successful than others – they give themselves permission to be who they want to be and don’t chase the approval of women.

That’s why they never put a woman above themselves and, as a result, treat her differently than most guys do… and this makes them stand out from everybody else!

When a beautiful girl – who, by the way, is surrounded by guys trying to win her affection – meets a man who treats her differently, a man who knows his own worth and isn’t trying to inflate it with stuff or empty gestures, she cannot but feel attracted to him!

That’s because girls don’t want someone trying to convince them why he is the best choice for them, they want someone who just is, someone who makes them feel a certain way!

But here’s the million dollar question: how do turn yourself into this kind of man? Or better yet, how do you get the mindset that will turn you into a guy who attracts women naturally?


You basically have two options:

1. You do what I did and spend years trying to figure this shit out. Hoping that somewhere along the line you either find the solution on your own or stumble onto something that will help you (that’s what actually happened to me).

2. You let someone help you.

Now, if you decide in favor of the first option (or don’t decide at all), there’s really no point for you to continue reading this. In this case, I wish you all the best and hope that you don’t waste your time as I did.

However, if you want to revolutionize your dating life, then now is the time for me to introduce you to a program called…


Rules of the Alpha Male cover
Rules of the Alpha Male screens

“Wait! Hold on… an alpha male? Aren’t alphas supposed to be assholes?”

No! That’s not true. An alpha male isn’t some try-hard who’s a dick to people just because he can; or because he’s compensating for something. Neither is he someone who mistreats or abuses women. In fact, he treats women better than any other guy! Not because he fills their every wish, but because he gives them exactly what they secretly desire!

Here’s the thing… an alpha male can be anyone! From a battle-hardened marine to a garbage man. What makes him stand out from everybody else is his mindset. A mindset that gives him the freedom to be whoever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do. While he is never going to treat people badly just because he can’t cope with his own emotions, he will also never let anybody tell him what he can or cannot do!

And this is the basic premise my course is built on:

To help you to adopt the mindset of a true alpha! Not some wannabe who acts tough only because he thinks he is better than anybody else.

“But John, how do you know you can help me?”

Because I’ve actually done it myself: I changed my life!

Still remember my “not the proudest moment” mentioned earlier? You know, the one where I cried like a little bitch?

Well… today I’m a completely different person! I won’t bore you with all the details but you should know that I went from a guy with a defeatist attitude to someone who never quits. I toughened up and got my shit together! As a result, my success with women skyrocketed!

To date, my mindset (and life) has changed dramatically and I’ve achieved things I could only have dreamed about all these years ago:

I’ve dated and slept with countless beautiful, amazing women and had them chasing me (they still do). I went from a guy no girl wanted to someone who has to say “no” to girls!

I’m also at the point in my life where I can actually choose which woman I want to turn into a girlfriend. This is due to the fact that I know (not believe) that I can make any woman happy, not by doing things for her, but by being the kind of man she wants as a longterm partner.  I know that any woman who ends up in a relationship with me can consider herself lucky!

But maybe my proudest achievement is getting over my anxieties and negative mindset. Today, I’m not worried about ending up alone anymore! The things that used to haunt me in the past – like neediness, desperation, and inadequacy – now stay in the past. I am a completely different person!

Pictures of women

I’ve been in the game for more than 10 years… constantly learning and improving myself. And now I have decided to share my knowledge with the world.

That’s why I created this course about everything I’ve have learned thus far… and that’s why you are here reading about it.

With it, you’ll go through the same mindset transformation as I did, only with the difference that you’re not wasting years like I did but reap the benefits much sooner!

So… What can you expect from Rules of the Alpha Male?

If you decide in favor of this program, you’ll get exclusive access to the member’s area! There you’ll find the e-book Rules of the Alpha Male with many additional materials.

Since this is a very extensive course, it’s probably best if we go through all of the materials you’ll be getting… starting with the main book.

The book, Rules of the Alpha Male, will provide you with the foundation – the alpha male mentality – that will turn you into a more confident version of yourself. Doesn’t matter whether you intend to seduce girls, already date them, or are in a committed relationship with one. If you want to become a desirable man, then this is the book for you!

It will give you the freedom to actually feel good in your own body, without worrying about the judgments of others. And as you know, this makes you attractive to women!

By the time you have finished it, you’ll know exactly how to:

Tick box Get rid of the nice guy syndrome and become someone women want! It’s not a secret, nice guys finish last… but this doesn’t mean you can’t be nice to women! Discover how to be nice and still get women.
Tick box Master social situations! Know exactly what to do in your interactions with women, and even other people. A man who has mastered social situations is unstoppable!
Tick box Seduce women even if you’re short, fat and ugly! Learn how to turn yourself into a man women consider attractive, despite your shortcomings. Be irresistible, even if all the odds are stacked against you!
Tick box Approach and talk to girls without fear and hesitation! Overcome your approach anxiety. Approach a woman as an equal, as a badass alpha, not someone who tries to weasel his way into her pants.
Tick box Stop caring what others think of you! If you allow the opinions of others to shape your reality, you will always be mediocre! Rise above it! Become someone YOU want to be, not how others see you!
Tick box Get rid of your self-defeating attitude! A man with the wrong attitude is his own worst enemy! Get rid of your defeatist attitude and raise your attractiveness tenfold!
Tick box Take control of your dating life! Don’t be like most men and rely on blind luck to get women. Take control of this aspect of your life – date and sleep with the kind of women you want!
Tick box Give women exactly what they desire! Most men try to make a woman happy by giving her what she wants. Become the guy how gives her what she actually needs! Make her chase you!
Tick box Become boyfriend material! Alphas make excellent boyfriends. Become the kind of guy every girl wants as “her man.” Be the man women see as a long-term investment!
Tick box Have a long and healthy relationship! Discover the secrets that hold couples together. Never worry about getting dumped again!
Tick box Live the single life of a rock star! Have a sexual choice! Be the guy women want! Have them chasing you… not the other way around!
Tick box Display traits that are considered attractive! There are certain traits women consider attractive in a man. Learn what they are and how you can display them at will!
Tick box Adopt a healthy, alpha male mindset! Being an alpha isn’t something you do, it’s something you are. Adopt the mindset of an alpha and transform your life!
Tick box Awaken the hidden alpha in you! Believe it or not, but you already have everything it takes to become an alpha male… you just don’t know it yet. Learn how to awaken the alpha in you!
Tick box And much more! As a book that’s over 200 pages long and covers a wide range of topics, Rules of the Alpha Male will change the way you see yourself and the world around you!

While the purpose of this book is to help you to get better with women, whether you’re single or already in a relationship, it goes beyond that. It focuses on improving your inner-self by turning you into someone who attracts women naturally and gives you the mental fortitude to become someone you always wanted to be.

It can become a real eye opener for you if you still believe, for whatever reason, that hot girls wouldn’t be interested in you or can’t figure out why the guy you consider a jackass still gets laid more than you do. You will learn the secret to his success and what you can do to replicate it.

The Rules of an Alpha Male will give you a new attitude on how to live your life, how you talk to women and other people, but even more importantly, how you see yourself and the world around you. It will challenge many of your world views, give you a new perspective and motivate you to push yourself to reach your true potential.

If you follow the advice in this book to the letter, it’s going to be the only thing you will ever need to become successful not only with the opposite sex but in life generally.

Here’s what some of my readers had to say about my book:

“The first thing I immediately noticed about John’s book is how well the format was. Very clean, good table of contents, well-written, and broke up each section well (no long tedious chapters or parts)… John really knows his stuff not just in regards to getting women, but how to succeed in “life as a whole.” Don’t hesitate to buy a copy of his book, you will not be disappointed!”

– Eric, 26, New York City, USA

“This book is a super charged summarization of how to capture the essence of what it truly means to be, not just an alpha, but the purest form of masculine energy. A culmination of the best points of Way of the Superior Man, Models, The Game, and Think and Grow Rich. If the average male has any desire of reaching his masculine potential, with both women and in life, he needs to look no further than this book and his own will to take action to get started on the journey.”

– Joey, 23, Connecticut, USA

“Insightful, helpful, straight to the point, on point. Loved it. I think most guys have genuinely good hearts, but are too much of a pushover. This book will help men become a man. I have a gorgeous girlfriend that if i didn’t learn how to adopt the alpha male mentality, she never would have dated me. We are very happy in a loving relationship.”

– Anthony, 29, Burbank, CA

“This is a very helpful book for everyone whether you’re a beginner or an expert it tells you all the traits that an alpha male has and shows you how to improve those traits when it comes to women and in general, it reminded me of a few things that I have forgotten and a few things I still have to work on. I recommend this book for everyone looking to improve themselves and want to become the best possible version of themselves.”

– Ashwell, 18, Cape Town, South Africa

“Very precise and straight forward. I especially liked [the part] about shifting your mindset.”

– Hyo Hoon Kim, 43, Los Angeles, USA

“This manifesto is chalked full of great advice, for someone seeking self improvement. Although geared towards interacting with the fairer sex, one will find teachings concerning personal & peer development. This is due to a simple fact – if you as a man want to live a full and balanced life, you will have to endeavor in all 3 said areas.”

– Moe, 42, Fairborn, USA

“It was very informative and got me pumped up! I read a lot of books especially self help, and each rule was well defined and written in an inspiring way… your book is one of the most thorough and provides a good explanation of what a authentic alpha male is…”

– Rich, 40, Newport Beach, USA

Rules of the Alpha Male feedback

But that’s not all!

I wrote two additional books that will make your transformation even faster and efficient!

If you decide to get Rules of the Alpha Male, you’ll also get:

The Single Life Bible cover

The Single Life Bible

The Single Life Bible was written with one specific goal in mind: to provide you with the necessary toolset to get women. It’s meant to turn you into someone who takes action immediately without hesitation! Someone who approaches women and gets results!

This book adds a lot of value to this program because it takes you step-by-step through all the necessary stages – from meeting a woman to sleeping with her. Learn how to eliminate your approach anxiety, the nagging thoughts in your head that tell you not to approach women, and get rid of the dreaded “what to do next” situations.

With The Single Life Bible you’ve got everything you ever needed to take your single life to the next level!

The Alpha Relationships cover

The Alpha Relationships

Ever wanted to know what makes an alpha male so successful in his relationships? Well, this bonus will reveal it to you! Not only that, it will actually teach you how you can implement it into your relationship!

Enjoy a long and harmonious relationship with a woman who never feels the need to nag or belittle you. Become someone she looks up to and admires – someone, she can’t stop but brag about to all her girlfriends! Never worry about her leaving simply because she’s just too damn happy with you!

The Alpha Relationships can help you to revive a stagnant relationship or build a new, strong and lasting one!

Want more?

You got it!

Additionally, you’ll get the following bonuses:

Self-Confidence Transformation cover

Self-Confidence Transformation

When it comes to attraction, confidence is one of the key elements that will determine how successful you’re going to be. It will change the way you approach different situations and how people are going to react to you.

This book can help you to become an action taker – someone who won’t let fear hold him back. Overcome your social anxiety and become a man who doesn’t shy away from challenges!

Become confident and change your life!

Be Yourself Seduction cover

Be Yourself Seduction

Ever heard of the “just be yourself” dating advice? No matter what you might think of it, there’s actually some truth to it.

This book will turn you into an authentic man. A man who feels no need to hide who he really is! Someone who has the courage to just be himself and still attract women!

Learn to be yourself and still get women! Stop pretending to be someone else so you can get laid! It just doesn’t work! Drop the act and be yourself, and you’ll see how effective it actually is!

Get Her Back cover

Get Her Back

So you lost her and there’s no way to get her back! Or maybe there is? There still could be something you could do… something that would change her mind and convince her that leaving you was the biggest mistake in her life!

If you’re determined to get her back, then this little guide will teach you how to do that. Get your ex-girlfriend back and make her want to stay for good this time!

Still not enough?

Fine, on top of your bonuses…

you will get…

Free Lifetime Updates to every future release/update of the program.

This means: whenever I add something new to the member’s area, you’ll get it for free!

FYI: At the moment, Rules of the Alpha Male is in its second version. And I’m already planning on putting a 3 on the cover! With the feedback from my readers, I improved it to what it is right now (it almost doubled in length). What this means for you is that if you have further questions or want me to expand on something, I’ll do it and include it in the third version! And you’ll get a copy for absolutely free!

This is an offer you won’t see anywhere else!

You know what? One more…

Get this program right now, and I’ll throw in more free stuff!

You will get two Secret Bonuses…

Two secret bonuses

Screw it, last one…

for a very, very limited time only…

Hurry up sign

Because I really want you to succeed, I’m going to create an exclusive, for members only, contact form. This means that you can always turn to me with questions and/or other concerns you might have, and I’ll help you out!

This is something you really won’t see anywhere else! Most dating gurus ask hundreds if not thousands for this… But fuck it, you’ll get it for free because I want you to experience the same transformation I had!

I’m not joking… this one REALLY is extremely limited! At some point, I’m going to have to remove it from this page (and the member’s area) simply because it’s impossible for me to help every single guy who contacts me! But for now, there are still some spots left. Don’t miss out and hurry!

Maybe you’re wondering now how much this course is worth…

Well, I could easily ask $300 for it.

Rules of the Alpha Male with all the bonuses is worth over $350.

Even my readers suggested not to dip the prize below $79… and I’m only talking about the main book here…

But you know what?

Screw it!

I’m going to make you an exclusive, limited-time offer!

If you order today, you get everything for… $297

Nope, way too much! How about… $197

Still too much! Then maybe… $97


Because I want you to succeed and not go broke at the same time, I’m not going to ask more than…


Yes, the whole package for just $47!

That’s $50 LESS than I had originally planned! Even $30 LESS than my readers advised me to ask for the main book alone!

And this comes with… No hidden fees! No recurring payments! Just pay once and it’s yours FOREVER!

But hurry! I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep it at this discount! Eventually the price is going up to $97!

So if you want to grab this program at a discounted price, you still have the chance! Just hit the button below…


Oh, and if you still have doubts… let me set your mind at ease!


Gurantee seal


Check sign Rules of the Alpha Male (Valued at $79.00)

Check sign The Single Life Bible (Valued at $49.00)

Check sign The Alpha Relationships (Valued at $39.00)

Check sign Self-Confidence Transformation (Valued at $39.00)

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TOTAL PRICE: $322.00



No hidden fees! No recurring payments! Just pay once and it’s yours FOREVER!

Frequently asked questions

What is Rules of the Alpha Male?
Rules of the Alpha Male is a male empowerment program that will help you to become someone that attracts women naturally. It consists of rules an alpha male lives by – something you can adopt.

Who will benefit from this program?
While most programs like this are tailored to a specific audience, this book isn’t one of them! Rules of the Alpha Male is different because it covers the most fundamental aspect of your dating life: your mindset. This means that it’s for every man out there. Whether you’re single and desperately chasing that one girl or already in a committed relationship – this is program is for you!

Who won’t benefit from this program?
Guys, who rather whine about their situation than do something about it. Guys who are looking for a shortcut in life or expecting to be spoonfed. Guys who think masculinity is something to be feared or avoided. If you need trigger warnings to get through life, then this program isn’t for you because it’s not going to pull any punches!

Who are you?
My name is John Howkins and I teach guys how to become better with women – something I have done for the past 7 years. On top of that, I have over 10 years of experience in the “dating game”. So, I can confidently say that I know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to the interactions with the opposite sex! But maybe I should let my readers do the talking for me.

Here are some messages I get from guys all the time:

Thank you messages

Occasionally I even get messages from women:

Thank you from woman

What if it doesn’t work for me?
If Rules of the Alpha Male didn’t help you at all, simply send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and I will immediately issue you a no-questions-asked 100% refund.

Is my purchase safe?
Yes, absolutely! As soon as you hit the big red button below, you will be redirected to a secure checkout page. Once your order is complete, you will get instant access to my product.

Can I contact you?
Sure, you’ll find my contact info in the footer area.

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