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What is Rules of the Alpha Male?

Rules of the Alpha Male is a male empowerment program that is geared toward teaching men how to become someone who attracts women naturally. It’s meant to teach men how to get in touch with their true masculine self.


Why Promote Rules of the Alpha Male?

1. Rare in the dating niche: Very few dating products on the market focus on the mindset aspect of seduction. While you can find countless products teaching men how to handle specific situations with women, few of them actually go deeper than that. This is what makes Rules of the Alpha Male unique – it teaches guys the underlying principles that make them naturally attractive to the opposite sex. As a result, they’re going to attract women by being more confident and authentic.

2. No sleaze factor: Let’s be honest, some dating products can be quite sleazy by teaching guys manipulative tactics and techniques just to get into a girl’s pants. So let me set your mind at ease about this one: it’s not one of them! There are no manipulative or sleazy tactics in this program. It is geared towards improving the mindset of a man so he starts to naturally display traits that are considered attractive.

3. Cast a wider net: Most dating products focus on single guys. But because this course focuses on the mindset a man should have, it can be offered to men who are single or already in a committed relationship. As a matter of fact, there are two books specifically created for each scenario: The Single Life Bible for men who want to enjoy the single life and The Alpha Relationships for men who want to improve their relationships.

4. Special landing pages and Brandable PDF: If you decide to promote this product, I can provide you with custom landing pages and a special brandable PDF (7 Rules of the Alpha Male), the latter being the first seven rules taken from the main book.

5. Review copies available: Want to take a look at my product for review purposes? Just send me an email and I’m giving you access to the members area.


Who is the Target Demographic?

The target demographic for this product are men aged 18 to 60.

Here you’ll find the stats based on a survey conducted on my website:

The majority of men looking for dating advice are single, but even guys in a relationship are looking for ways to improve it.

No surprise there, most men aren’t satisfied with their situation:

Most men looking for advice are either beginners or intermediate (ideal for my program):

Most guys are looking to find a girlfriend, but there are also some who just want to play the field.


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